Saturday, July 19



I saw a post on TwoThirdsHazel blog and loved this "Meet your new best friend" idea. I decided to fill out this Quiz because I loved reading through last round´s answers. I hope you like it as much as I do - and if I meet a cool blogger because of it - even better! :D

Have fun reading my answers.. 

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Tuesday, July 8

Simple Getaway - Relaxing in Hungary


I have been on a short getaway - in Hungary. Me and my boyfriend have been longing for some vacation time so we decided to go on a camping trip by the lake. It was a great place to be, so relaxing. We had no TV, no computers, I did not even use my phone at all. We were staying in a tent and slept in sleeping bags. I thought that I would be uncomfortable but we brought two self inflammatory under mats and I slept like a baby on them!

We had the best time playing cards, making jokes, walking by the lake, cooking, and so much more. There is so much to do there - you can go fishing, kayaking, swimming, cycling, go on walks, play volleyball, football, etc.

The best part of it was, that we really talked, about stuff that matter. What do we want for ourselves in the future, our plans and hopes, making schedules on how will we make that happen and so on.. When you can sit in silence with someone and you feel like home, you know you found your place to be. We could do that on our first date and I think that was the thing that made me love being with him the most. Have you ever felt like you are there, where you belong? Don´t you just love that place of mind? Its is just so surreal and real at the same time. Wonders of life..

Also, I have to say, that I did not cook at all, he did. That was so awesome! :) It is not like he doesn´t cook at home, but he made me feel like that is his job. Never said that I should do it or that he doesn´t want to, nothing. Like he wanted to cook. Maybe this is one of his hidden talents, that he did´t yet explore to the fullest. I should suggest that ;)

We had a nice weather, but it wasn´t so hot, that I would want to swim a lot, I swam only once. I am not a fan of sunbathing, because I tan quickly and I never had to try to be tanned. Also, I am really conscious of the damage the sun does. I tent to void strong sun and always use sunblock. Make sure you do to.

Here is a picture of a great place where we use to sit, talk and enjoy the scenery. So beautiful.

We went on a few long walks in the woods by the lake. The air there is so fresh, it smelled so good! Like pine cones, water and grass.

Make sure you get away on a short peaceful trip/vacation as well.. It doesn´t have to be expensive and fancy, the simpler the better. Have a blast!

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