Tuesday, October 14


I have been absent for a while, I apologise. I reed blogs regularly and really enjoy doing that but somehow I didn´t have an inspiration to write about my life in general lately. I have a new project ahead of me which has most of my attention these days. I have been thinking about it for a while now - in reality I have always wanted to do this. I am writing a book, a novel - drama/romance.

So with that note, I joined My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge and I guess I am really  doing it! My first week was successful - I wrote 11.000 words. I don´t want to worry about the word count though. I am focusing on my content at the time, editing will come later.

My 500 Words

Why am I doing this if it seems like everyone is writing books nowadays- you may think?
Well, I am a huge book nerd and I read a lot ever since I was a little girl. I read printed books, I read pdf books on my tablet, on my phone and computer. I have a bunch of favourite books ( one of them being: Bella Mafia by Lynda la Plante), I am a huge James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks fan and also like books in general - cooking books, knowledge books, self-help books etc. I could spend hours in bookshops and libraries and I am not ashamed to admit it. And I strongly believe people should do what makes them happy - so why not.

I still have a lot of questions about his, but I will worry about that once I´m finished with the process of writing, editing, etc. I am taking one day at a time, trying to enjoy this process. I will still mention my worries hoping one of you could help me with some advice.

Things I think and worry about:

  • Print Book or eBook?
  • Self-publish on Amazon or Smashwords or..?
  • Use a Pen name or my real name?
  • How to choose the best title?
  • Setting a price for my book?
  • Who to design the cover?
  • Will I finish writing it at all?  .......
I guess I worry more then I thought. If you are a self-publishing author, please give your own opinion about it. I congratulate you in advance, because I learnt it is more work with writing and publishing a book than I thought.

Have a great inspired day.

With love,


Thursday, September 4

Blogging Mastermind

Hello you guys,

I had a fabulous idea. Really fantastic. I cannot NOT say how amazing it is. :) Or maybe it is not. But it sure feels like I am a genius blogging mastermind. Here it goes..

On a bus at night, brainstorming.

The Explanation:

I had a really tough time lately. Been struggling with writing posts, mostly because I was a bit overwhelmed with a few memories that came back to haunt me. A blast from the past which I was trying to avoid, but oh well.. I am over it. I had to remind myself that all that matters is that I am happy with who I am now. And I am. I have grown up and put all the unnecessary teenage drama behind me. I have found myself, I found a perfect boyfriend and a perfect new family. My family is now a lot bigger and happier. We are not perfect, but we sure do love each other.  I love you guys (you know who you are). 

So I was trying to decide on what to write about - my brain got overloaded with thoughts and none of my ideas were appealing to me. I did a lot of stuff, I cooked, baked, designed, drew, travelled, photographed, laughed, I was happy, hurt, fun, exciting, then boring and a lot more. But I didn´t want to write about any of that. So I googled a title generator for my future post - this generator offered me 10 different book titles. Then it hit me - I should write a post about my day using all of the titles and somehow use them to fit my activities, thoughts or whatever. They can be used as synonyms or whatever, just use them in a fun way. So lets try this word game out.

Goddess With Determination
Soldier Without Sin
Witches Of The Great
Heroes Of Heaven
Fish And Foes
Kings And Snakes
Climax Of The Prison
Edge Without A Home
Trust Secrets
Signs In The Fires

My Day:

It was Sunday. I woke up at around 10, like a Goddess. Waking up without an alarm clock was a nice change and I was determined I will have an awesome day. Like a soldier without sin I proudly marched down the stairs, where my "other" family was already sitting on the couch. I felt awesome, not realising my hair was like a birds nest, my face was all puffy as I overslept and I actually looked somewhat like a witch. As they rushed to make me coffee I washed my face, at least. Mr Great brought me COFFEE, my Hero of Heaven. I imagined him with a glowing halo above his head, on a pedestal with my delicious cup of Coffee in his hands (I like big CUPS I cannot lie). :D Fish and Foes my break my bones - that's what I came up with when I saw this title - Coffee brings me to my happy zone(s). Oh, dear. So, My King made me a happier person in that moment. As the day went by, I felt like in a time prison, because I had only a few hours left at home - then I went back to my other home. Where I love, work and study. OK, live and work. Studying for me now is like an edge without a home. I have had enough and signs in the fires of my burning study books indicate that that is it for me. Their trusted secrets that they have passed down on me have reached their climax. I know everything. The Goddess with determination in me has spoken. This was my day. As I remember it. Sunday of 31th of the October.

Oh my, I have to use more imagination. Will do that next time. So, wasn´t that something?! I totally rocked your world :)

Have a nice day.

With love,



Wednesday, September 3

This Home Runs on Love and Coffee


We moved to a bigger apartment! :D It doesn´t feel like it is ours OURS yet, so we have a lot of work ahead of us. It looks great just as it is but we have to add a bit more cozy and homey feel to it. With funny quotes, cute photos and cozy pillows.

This truthful sign hangs on our kitchen wall :)

So, about the MOVE - The location is awesome, I have a 5 minute walk to my workplace. I have a huge shopping centre 10 minutes of walking distance away and a Forrest at my back yard. BUT boy, do I hate the process of moving..... SO MUCH WORK. So many stuff. So little time. I ended up throwing out a bunch of useless stuff and I feel great about it. The clutter is almost completely gone! I still have to go though my closet and get rid of old clothes that I don't like anymore. But that can wait. I have a lot of interior designing to do :D

Now I am in the middle of decorating and love every minute of it! But our changes won´t be huge, we decided we will not paint the walls. NOPE. We do not plan to paint them back when we move out - this lesson we learnt the hard way. Anyway, the walls look nice as they are, in a green-white-yellow combination, which makes the apartment look very bright and happy. We will make it our own with different photos, quotes that refer to us and make us smile and happy when we read them :)

Words we live by :) and will always apply if you come by!

Would you hang something like this on your wall? I think they are kind of cute, when you mix them with personal photos and paintings.

Also, we brought a few plants, furniture and a lot of wall art with us. Something I am going to splurge on is a new couch cover. I really want a new split cover, which will make the couches feel brand new. We have two of them. When I add that and new cute pillows, a small cozy carpet, the place is going to look and feel great.

I am going to share the photos with you as soon as possible. When I finish at least two of my many projects to come, with decorating.

Have a great day.

With love,


Monday, September 1

Perfect Match and Funny Faces


we had yet another photo shoot :) I got used to this, it is a lot of fun. Also tiring, I have to say! I never thought that modelling can be so much work. I don´t even do most of the things models do, like always eating healthy, exercising a lot, beauty treatments, etc.. But for that one day I try to pretend I can look somewhat similar to a model, I still get tired. High heels, cold weather, warm weather, dress changes, look here, look there, watch your expression, where are you looking at, stand still, move to the left, look to the right, aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :) It gets frustrating, yet still interesting and fun. 

This dress is my sister´s work, again. She did so much awesome clothing so far, I am glad I can be a part of her "fashionista" journey. :P I know she will do great things :) Happy B-Day, sis ** 

We were photographing in a small village, near to an old old house. No one has lived there for many years, it is falling apart actually, but it was the perfect scene for presenting this dress. The colours on the wall and the dress complimented each other, so they were a perfect match.

Photo by Danijela Grof

Photo by Danijela Grof

When we were done with the official photo shoot, we made a few different photos with this little cutie. This was my favourite part of the day, making funny faces with Aleks, my boyfriend´s little brother. What an awesome kid, he is very smart and goofy, funny and so adorable.

Photo by Danijela Grof

In all, it was a very lovely day, we had fun.

With love,


Sunday, August 24

Leftover No-Chesse-Pizza Rolls


so today I decided to make a yummy pizza for lunch :) It was amazing, if I say so myself ;) But I made too much pizza dough and I also had some leftover tomatoes and ham. I didn´t want it go to waste, so I made pizza rolls, even though I had no cheese left. I had a feeling they would taste great - I was soo right! They were even better then pizza :D 

We ate them for dinner with some salad. 

Before baking
After baking
When you make pizza or something similar and have a bit of ingredients left, you should make something with them - use your imagination. I mean, if you have a little understanding of which ingredients go together and how things are baked, you should succeed :) 

I don´t use much salt so I was thinking about using jam as a topping. I choose ham and tomatoes in the end, because I didn´t want them to go to waste. But jam or chocolate topping would of been awesome too. I tried that before and it worked. 

What are your solutions to avoid leftovers? We often have leftover food, because for me it is hard to cook for two. I always worry that one of us would be left hungry. I often freeze the leftovers and one of us eats them, when the other is working late. So at least it works for that kind of days. 

I hope you like them!

With love,