Saturday, July 19



I saw a post on TwoThirdsHazel blog and loved this "Meet your new best friend" idea. I decided to fill out this Quiz because I loved reading through last round´s answers. I hope you like it as much as I do - and if I meet a cool blogger because of it - even better! :D

Have fun reading my answers.. 

Have a nice day.

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Tuesday, July 8

Simple Getaway - Relaxing in Hungary


I have been on a short getaway - in Hungary. Me and my boyfriend have been longing for some vacation time so we decided to go on a camping trip by the lake. It was a great place to be, so relaxing. We had no TV, no computers, I did not even use my phone at all. We were staying in a tent and slept in sleeping bags. I thought that I would be uncomfortable but we brought two self inflammatory under mats and I slept like a baby on them!

We had the best time playing cards, making jokes, walking by the lake, cooking, and so much more. There is so much to do there - you can go fishing, kayaking, swimming, cycling, go on walks, play volleyball, football, etc.

The best part of it was, that we really talked, about stuff that matter. What do we want for ourselves in the future, our plans and hopes, making schedules on how will we make that happen and so on.. Funny part was, that I have never felt so close to someone, not even when we are at home. Because there are no distractions, only two people in peace and quiet. I love that we can just sit silent together and be OK. There is no awkwardness, just time passing by. When you can sit in silence with someone and you feel like home, you know you found your place to be. We could do that on our first date and I think that was the thing that made me love being with him the most. Have you ever felt like you are there, where you belong? Don´t you just love that place of mind? Its is just so surreal and real at the same time. Wonders of life..

Also, I have to say, that I did not cook at all, he did. That was so awesome! :) It is not like he doesn´t cook at home, but he made me feel like that is his job. Never said that I should do it or that he doesn´t want to, nothing. Like he wanted to cook. Maybe this is one of his hidden talents, that he did´t yet explore to the fullest. I should suggest that ;)

We had a nice weather, but it wasn´t so hot, that I would want to swim a lot, I swam only once. I am not a fan of sunbathing, because I tan quickly and I never had to try to be tanned. Also, I am really conscious of the damage the sun does. I tent to avoid strong sun and always use sunblock. Make sure you do to.

Here is a picture of a great place where we use to sit, talk and enjoy the scenery. So beautiful.

We went on a few long walks in the woods by the lake. The air there is so fresh, it smelled so good! Like pine cones, water and grass.

Make sure you get away on a short peaceful trip/vacation as well.. It doesn´t have to be expensive and fancy, the simpler the better. Have a blast!

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Tuesday, July 1

Happy national CAMERA day!

Courtesy of: SnapKnot

I HAD to post this today! I would love to get a camera, my blog would have so much more posts :) I love photography!

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, June 24

Little Blue Owls


I am really liking this "Pretty Little Projects" posts. Especially since I am blogging about other peoples´ projects. I have a huge crush on this one. It is a super cute blue crochet Cell Phone Case with two little owls. Don´t you just love it? 

Danijela Grof made this one for her friend (I think) and the colours were chosen just for that person. I am not a fan of orange, but I do love blue. If this were for me, I would of chosen different colours - blue and white combination or maybe red and white. Can you picture it? :) I would even buy a huge vintage bronze button for it. Hmm.. It would fit in my purse like a charm :)

This week I am going for a short vacation. I am so happy I am going to spend some time with my family, barbecuing, having fun. This is my favourite part of summer! :) What is your favourite summer activity? Probably swimming in the ocean - I love that too! 

Well, this was a short post, but I have some packing to do :D

Have a great week!

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Friday, June 13

Do What You Love


It is Friday again! I guess for a last few weeks Fridays have been my "blogging days" :) I have a bit more free time on Fridays also I am excited about the upcoming weekend and happy - and I like to write when I am happy. It is all about positive thoughts, hope, love, expectations, family and everything good in life.

I have been reading a lot of positive thoughts for a last few weeks, because of my work. And I got really inspired in the process. So I got a few of new ideas for my future "Pretty Little Projects". I would like to try to paint on fabric. To make this unique designs, that are not printed on T-shirts but painted on. Did you try something like that already? I could use some advice :)

Today I am writing about Crochet Pillows, yet another Pretty Little Project :) I love doing posts like this. To compliment someones efforts and make them feel proud about what they have done is always nice. This cute pillows were made by Danijela Grof. She is a very creative person as you can see. I love writing about her home made stuff because I know they are always well made and made with love. When she talks about her projects, she is always so excited about them, it is very inspirational. I love when people do what they love. A lot of people claim that they don´t have time for them selves, but maybe they just don´t make time. But Danijela does it all. Great job! :)

Photo by Danijela Grof

Different shades of brown and beige make this white pillows look great. In their family room, which is cottage cozy brown with a white palette sofa, they make a great addition. Cute little flowers are a good match with poppy flowers inspired art and photography on their walls.

Photo by Danijela Grof

Now this one is a lot more girly and it was made for her home office/room. I think a lot of girls would like to have this pillow. I love interior design and the things that make all the difference when you are decorating on a budget are these little details. It is something that makes a room look yours, to reflect your personality.

Photo by Danijela Grof

This one you have already seen. White guest room. Peaceful and cozy.

Which one is your favourite?

I hope you like them all.

With love,


Thursday, June 5

Flower Crochet Curtains


Today I am sharing a very cute little project with you. It is not my work, I have to state that :) This cute curtains were made by Danijela Grof, who is also our photographer at lots of times. Also, my boyfriends´ mother :) She gave me these photos of her work because I really wanted to share her little projects with you guys.

I am not sure about this fabric. We went to buy fabric fur curtains together (I bought one too) but I'm not sure if she used that fabric or another one. Well, it doesn´t matter, really. I had plans to make a similar curtain for our bedroom, but.. I didn´t. Yet :) I will.. Once. Mine will be with little roses in deep red colour.

The process:
She cut out the fabric to to fit the window frame and hemmed the edges. Then she made small little crochet flowers and lastly sewed them on the fabric. Stems were made in the same way. It looks amazing, right? So simple, elegant and cute for a cottage look.

Guest Bedroom Curtain
This guest bedroom was once my boyfriends´ room. As we moved to out little apartment, we took his furniture and everything with us. So they were left with an empty room and a lot of makeover ideas :) This curtain fits with the look of the room, the furniture was home made out of pallet's. It is an all white wooden cozy little bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Bench
Here is an another part of the room. Cute, right? That two paintings on the right (you can barely see them) are mine :)

Kitchen Island Curtain
This is a small /half/ wall that divides a part of their kitchen and family room. They have an open space layout. This area looks awesome, because it is made out of bricks and white wall. They have a  small brown window frame (in the picture), it looks kind of rustic. Also, above the window there is a red house number address plague. And an outdoor rustic watch. Awesome :)

I hope you like this little project!

With love,


Friday, May 30

Liebster Award


Today´s post will be a little different. I was nominated for Liebster Award from little miss FASHIONOMICALL :) Little I say, because she is my younger sister. What a turnaround, HA? Does it count as an AWARD, is your sister nominates you?? WELL, I guess it does. But just to say, I am so proud of her that she got nominated by someone she doesn´t even know! Good job, SIS.

There are quite a few rules attached to this award nomination so lets go right into them:

1. Thank and link a person who nominated you
2. Write the rules and display the award
3. Answer 11 questions and write 11 of your own
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers on their blog) and don´t forget letting them now that they have been nominated
5. Write 11 facts about yourself

Questions from Nina:

1. What´s your latest purchase?

Aside from all things related to living (like food), I bought a pair of green army skinny jeans, a grey and black T-shirt and a cute jeans jacket. I didn´t even spend much, like 30 EUR. Although I stated that I am not going shopping until I save a little something for a nice summer vacation but I guess, It just happened :)

2. Are you saver or spender?

Huge spender. And after I splurge on cute items, I feel bad for not saving money. I am trying to change that now, though. My boyfriend is a huge saver, so that helps. But I don´t buy things just for myself, I often find something cute and think: "Oh, my mom (or someone else) would love this!". Then I buy it for her/him. I like to see people happy, so I surprise them.

3. What´s your favourite Beauty brand?

I use the same brands for beauty products all the time. I love Subrina for Shampoo, Dove deodorant and body lotion, La Roche-Posay skin care, MAC powder, eye shadow and blush, etc.. These products work for me and I use them all the time. I guess I couldn´t live without my skin care, so that's that.

4. What´s your biggest regret?

That I didn't buy that cute brown aviator sunglasses, when I bought the other stuff on my latest purchase :) That´s a little regret. My biggest, hmm. That one is though. I love where I am now in life, I am happy. I guess if I changed something, things wouldn't turn out this way, so.. I really wouldn't change anything huge. But I would  be kinder/happier/more grateful in some past situations in my life. And I would advise to my past self to be kinder to her self. To have more confidence. Less insecurity.

5. What is better: Chocolate or ice cream?

Hmm.. chocolate ice cream? :P Blueberry/Raspberry Yogurt ice cream with chocolate dressing :D My final answer.

6. Name your celebrity crush.

It can´t be only one. NOP :) Ian Somerhalder. Gerard Butler. Kit Harrington. But I never like them before I see a great movie/TV series and they have a part with a great personality. Manly with sensitive side.

7. Name the countries you already visited and which is next one on your list?

I visited Hungary, Italy, Austria, Croatia (neighbouring countries, duh), Germany, France, Greece, England and Slovakia. I would love to visit Portugal and learn how to surf. 

8. What are two things you like about yourself.

It is king of hard to compliment yourself, isn´t it? Let´s get over it.. I like my legs and my skin tone. :)

9. Share your most embarrassing moment.

I am not going to tell you, will I? :P I had to think about that one. I admit, I am embarrassed a lot of times, when I see old photos of me. I didn´t like myself then and it takes me back in that time. But there is also funny embarrassed. AI had a few of these moments from my days of partying. :)

10. Favourite song?

Gavin DeGraw - Soldier. 

11. What´s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

Once I would really like to have so much money so that I can buy my mom a new house and car. Get my grandparents their own apartment in that same house, and my sister too.. We had a lot of money problems and I would love to see my family to not have to worry about money. 
Also I want to have three kids and maybe adopt one day. And a 100 crazy wishes more.. :)

My Questions:

1.  If you had a chance to be one famous person for a day, who would you be and why?
2. Your dream travel destination and why?
3. Your best qualities are..
4. What would you do on your last day in life?
5. What is in your purse?
6. Describe what you are wearing right now!
7. Who do you admire the most and why?
8. What is your beauty regime?
9. What was the worst thing you think you did in life?
10. What would you change about your life?
11. Which life experience has though you something important you live by?

11 Facts about me :

1. I love to win. I am a sore loser. I try not to show it, though :)
2. I adore coffee. Black, with milk and no sugar. Latte Machiatto.
3. I joke a lot. I love to make people laugh.
4. I seem like a very social person, but in my heart I´m a loner. I am the happiest at home, with my family, my art, reading a book, listening to music, watching TV, going for a run - alone.
5. I don´t like to write sms. I rather call or meet someone.
6. I LOVE horror movies and games.
7. I love kids. I love playing with them and being goofy.
8. I am a very sentimental person. I cry watching sad movies.
9. I always have yogurt in my fridge. Always.
10. It makes me crazy when someone ignores me. On the inside, off course :)
11. I wanted to be an artist. Painter.

About nomination...
I have searched for someone to nominate for a looong time. Almost every blog I like, already received this award which was frustrating :P I mean, I am happy for them but I really wanted to nominate them. So I thought, I can nominate bloggers, which may or may not have received this award, but I cannot find the mention of it. So if I made a mistake and you were already nominated, I apologise. 

I nominate these talented ladies:

Tara and Katherine;
Vickie Laliotis;
Alexandra Aimee; 
An Lý;
Merry Ferry; 
Mónica López; 
Beth Lewis; 
Emily Beasley;
Alex Louise;

I hope you enjoyed my writing!

With love,