Wednesday, October 29

This Week´s Snapshots

Yogurt cake with blueberries
Hot chocolate with cream
Golf field in Bled - from our Team Buildings Weekend
Nutella pie made from little Aleks´ instructions and design.
And he enjoyed eating it too, I guess it tasted better than it looked :)


Monday, October 27

Thank You, Coffee.

You warm up my body and fill it with energy I need to get over my daily responsibilities.

You make every morning beautiful, even Monday´s.

You are always there for me – when I feel lonely and when I am the happiest in the world. A member of every party, special occasion or a Sunday brunch with family and friends.

You offer the best excuse for a pause, when I am studying or doing something I don´t like.

You offer the best excuse for a pause, when I am doing something I like.

You make me smarter.

You help me burn fat – You help me burn fat – You make me burn fat.

You help me jog faster on those days when I decide I am going to exercise regularly.

You make people come together, even if they have nothing to talk about.

Thank you for keeping me awake all those late nights before big tests, because I was to preoccupied to study before.



Sunday, October 26

How To Make Great Art With Decoupage - No. 2


Maybe you are having one of those days when you are feeling super artsy and want to make something to remember that day by. Or just use your own two hands to create something incredible to call your own. A your own »Look At Me - I Am An Awesome Artist« piece. Fort this project you will only need 5 things.
  1. A canvas or some other object you want to make prettier or usable; like a glass or a shoe box. You can any material like wood, paper, plastic, ceramic or metal. Sky is the limit. 
  2. A decoupage glue, which is not expensive and you can buy in every art store.
  3. A serviette with a pattern you like.
  4. Scissors.
  5. A paintbrush.
I wrote about this once already, but I made new DIY art with this technique. Here are the photos.

I always use serviettes, because they are easy to work with and they come in so many great patterns. First of all, you have to separate the layer with the pattern on it from the other two (or one). Cut out the pieces as you like. Glue the layer on the object as you like it and brush the glue over it once again. Leave it to dry.  

I bet you can make something awesome you will be proud off!

With love,


Friday, October 24

Top 10 Things to Do, When Bored


     we all get bored from time to time. Here are some ideas for you to make those days a bit more interesting.

  1.      Download a whole season of a TV series I have never watched before. But then I get obsessed with it and watch the other 6 seasons, even though I cannot afford to be bored anymore. Hello, sleep deprivation. Duh.
  2.      Clean. This one is new and unexpected. Who am I anyway?!?
  3.      Paint with oil colours, do decoupage or something artsy.  
  4.      Call my sister, boyfriend, mom, friend, grandma,.. When I am out of options, I listen to my iPod.
  5.      Go for a run. Long run.
  6.      Read a book while drinking coffee. Mostly on my tablet, because this way I don´t have to walk to the library.
  7.      Bake something out of scratch. 
  8.      Go window shopping. I would go shopping-shopping, but I have no money for that. 
  9.       Read 9gag.
  10.      Wash my hair and do my make-up while listening to loud music, singing and dancing like a crazy person. 
     I hope you get some ideas from this. But I think they are kind of normal, right? Nothing special.

     With love,


Tuesday, October 14

I Write Every Day!


I have a new project ahead of me which has most of my attention these days. I have been thinking about it for a while now - in reality I have always wanted to do this. I am writing a book, a novel - drama/romance.

So with that note, I joined My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge and I guess I am really  doing it! My first week was successful - I wrote 11.000 words. I don´t want to worry about the word count though. I am focusing on my content at the time, editing will come later.

My 500 Words

Why am I doing this if it seems like everyone is writing books nowadays- you may think?
Well, I am a huge book nerd and I read a lot ever since I was a little girl. I read printed books, I read pdf books on my tablet, on my phone and computer. I have a bunch of favourite books ( one of them being: Bella Mafia by Lynda la Plante), I am a huge James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks fan and also like books in general - cooking books, knowledge books, self-help books etc. I could spend hours in bookshops and libraries and I am not ashamed to admit it. And I strongly believe people should do what makes them happy - so why not.

I still have a lot of questions about his, but I will worry about that once I´m finished with the process of writing, editing, etc. I am taking one day at a time, trying to enjoy this process. I will still mention my worries hoping one of you could help me with some advice.

Things I think and worry about:
  • Print Book or eBook?
  • Self-publish on Amazon or Smashwords or..?
  • Use a Pen name or my real name?
  • How to choose the best title?
  • Setting a price for my book?
  • Who to design the cover?
  • Will I finish writing it at all?  .......
I guess I worry more then I thought. If you are a self-publishing author, please give your own opinion about it. I congratulate you in advance, because I learnt it is more work with writing and publishing a book than I thought.

Have a great inspiring day.

With love,