Thursday, January 22

My Future Home - Living Room

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with decorating rooms. From watching only room makeover shows to reading decor magazines and spending hours in furniture and accessories stores. Since I got a regular job, I started dreaming about owning my own little house with a yard someday. I cannot buy one, obviously, but I can fantasise about decorating my future home.

My future living room options I am loving at this time.

This bar is a remodelling project from the Shabby Chick Cottage and it looks amazing! It would make the room light up and even more special by being an unique piece. I feel the same about that vintage suitcase chair by Katie Thompson from Recreate which also looks super comfy. I can already picture myself sitting there, reading a great book and relaxing. I added a big pattern rug, which would go under the brown couch on the second picture and a nice vintage mirror. The pillow is just something I like and would think about adding in the living room, maybe on the couch .
This cute modern sofa is my favorite one from the entire selection of Modani’s modern sofas.They also have this cute pillow I added to my selection, which goes perfectly with my dream living room design. I found a great cottage stripe ottoman from Harvetys, which I LOVE! I can see me resting my feet on in and also store a few items there, so that I can avoid the mess my family would make. Fine, I am a bit messy to, so I have to avoid clutter.
I am all about DIY projects and I seriously tend to make a bunch of accessories myself. This is an absolute must for me, because when I have a vision in my mind, no one else can make it look exactly like it, only me. This is normal, though. No one can read my mind (I HOPE, or else it would be awkward for me, because sometimes I think about random dumb stuff)! I LOVE this DIY lamp from Ashley Ann and the rope for hanging curtains idea. I would choose different curtain - or maybe not, that I would have to see in person. Coastal Cottage Woven Suitcase nicely rounds up the country/vintage/modern living room which I have in mind. 

 A few other accesories I would want:
I would make a few changes in the process, if something wouldn´t feel right, but I love all of those pieces. I hope you can find some inspiration for your own dream living room from my selection!

Have a great day!

With love,


Wednesday, January 7

Get Yourself a Watch And Have a Great TIME

I usually don´t wear a watch because it is a too big of a risk of me ruining it since I draw, paint, play sports, cook, clean, etc. But there are times when I love to have my wrist watch on and it makes me feel more mature, sophisticated and fancy. It is a great accessory and I don´t have to take my phone everywhere just that I am able to keep track of time. Plus, I kinda love being phoneless :) Gives me a feeling of freedom. 

In case you don´t have a watch in your possession, here are a few reasons of why you should buy one.

1. It is rude to check your phone all the time - I read that one somewhere and I completely agree with it. When you go get a drink with someone you shouldn´t be looking at your phone constantly - it gives an impression that you are not having the best time and are just waiting for an excuse to leave as soon as possible. 

2. You don´t have to take your phone everywhere - Spend some time alone and have all the time in the world for yourself. Time - get it? Because of the watch. Yeah. Lets move on.

3. You can wear it as an accessory - And even pull off some crazy neon color watches while still looking classy.

4. You can show off your success - In some proffesions visible success is important and with a high profile watch you can demonstrate to your clients that you are a high-paying consultant and are worth of every penny they spend on you.

My choice of watches:

You should choose one that fits your personality best. You can take part in an auction and get a great deal on a great men’s or women’s watch at invaluable. "Oh my, look at the time.. Better get going :)"

With love,


Tuesday, January 6

Freya May Confidential - A Self Help Blog by a First Time Self Helper

I have been wanting to become a writer since I was just a little kid. I have talked about it to my mom so many times I cannot even remember. But I know what I said to her - I am going to write a book someday. I didn´t know what kind of book, how long or even what about - I just knew there would be a book once that was written by me.

I was a bookworm growing up - my mom used to frustrate about my reading at times. I would read while eating lunch with the family, I would read "secretly" past over my bedtime. I just couldn´t put a good book down - I was drawn by the story and events. I laughed and cried with the characters and I felt with them. I really did.

I had a lot of ideas until now about what book should I write and I finally decided on a theme. I started writing a blog called Freya May Confidential - A Self Help Blog by a First Time Self Helper. I am publishing the "blog" part of the story, but the back story will be published in the book itself. It is a mix between romance, drama and self-help book. The characters are fictional, but the book is kinda based on real life - mine or people I know. I mean - you can´t write about something you don´t know, right? Some events are made up or exaggerated, though - it is all part of creating great fiction :)

The blurb (for now):

A young twenty-something brunette was sitting at her computer desk in a somewhat big apartment for her age/financial status and writing her new-era self-help Blog called Freya May Confidential. But she wouldn´t be caught dead blogging under her REAL name– no, she had an image to uphold. She worked on her confident and strong successful persona for too long to be perceived as weak and –uhm, average. But is wall all a big conception, an idea she carefully built over the years of her existence. No one will know the real HER - it was her biggest fear. But the problem was, not even she knew who that person was.

If you like reading and are willing to give my blog a shot, please follow Freya May Confidential.

I am glad you are here.

With love,