Friday, July 3

New Artsy Paper Prints and Design for Arts and Crafts

Hello lovelies,

I have been absent for a while but not because I stopped blogging - I am working on a new, fresh, better blog called NeverMind! I am very excited about it and am inviting you great readers to check it out. It is a very versatille blog about arts & crafts, motivation, beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle and much more.
In adition to NeverMind, we have also opened an ETSY SHOP called ShopNeverMind (such a creative name, I know :P). And we are very thankfull to all the awesome people who have been visiting our shop and checking out our shop. We just love it when you come by :)
Here are some cool stuff you can get in our shop - and make yourself or others a great scrapbooking album, memories table, cute notebooks and SO MUCH MORE :) There is no limit to what you can do, really.

Digital paper with different patterns

My favourite thing to do is cut this cute patterns into shapes and frame them so that my picture wall looks even better with a few cool prints hanging there and not just family pictures.

Digital tags

Tag every gift you ever give to someone with a personal note.

 Digital print

Cool prints for your cool rooms :)

Someday we hope we will even be doing cool stuff like this

But for now we are trying our best to keep up with our blog posts and work on our designs in our spare time. It is all good, because we love doing it! :)

Have a great Summer!