Greetings to you, dazzling design enthusiast.

So here is something about me. I absolutely ADORE interior design. I watch TV shows about designing homes, read articles about designing homes, think about ideas on how to design my (or just a hypothetical :)) home. I love old furniture, which you can remodel/restore or take apart and make something gorgeous from it. I had my fare share of doing such things, so I decided to write about them; old projects, new projects or even a non existing ones (yet). I am very optimistic about it, for the most part because I am working on projects all the time anyway. So let us share our ideas, products and process of making them.

 Also, I am an artist. I paint with oil colours and write short stories. I love to cook new yummy things and make artsy stuff out of all of the things I do. I love when people appreciate my effort when I make something just for them.

So this is about art, DIYs, designs, food, fashion and much more. Welcome to Artsy Shimmer.

With love,


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