Tuesday, March 4

Painting and Design - Poppys


so I was thinking a lot about what to publish for my first art project...
... and thinking..             
...and came up with nothing, because I have a LOT of "future projects" saved up which does not help me, until I actually make something of them. So I wanted to upload some pictures from my last years projects which was a bust.

My first problem was, that I have no before pictures from my previous projects. Secondly, I have no photo camera (just the one on my crappy phone) so I cannot take pictures and upload them now. And thirdly, my other photos are on my BROKEN laptops computer disk. For now because my limited choices, I choose to upload my oil painting and also the design for a T-Shirt I made of it later.

I love painting with oil colours, its something my grandfather thought me and I love to make him proud. His paintings are realistic and awesome, but I like abstract art better though. I made a painting (50 x 70cm) of poppy flowers and its not my original design, I made it for someone else. But its my work and I love the colours/or the lack of.

Work in progress 
This one bellow is a different one, but they are almost the same. I made them for two diferent people, by request.

I liked it and I decided that I should try to make a design for a V Neck Shirt and T-Shirt from it. So here is my work:

I like the artsy feeling of it. I hope it won´t be a problem, that I submitted a Threadless template for a V Neck Shirt and a T-Shirt. I love that site, be sure to check it out.

Well, that's for today, thanks for reading.

With love,



  1. That's such a gorgeous design! I would definitely wear those shirts. Gray is my favorite color. :)

  2. Thank you so much! :)
    Also, you have the honor of being the first commentator on my blog ;)

  3. I love this painting, it's beautiful and the T shirt design is awesome, I would definitely wear one :-)

    1. Thank you very much. Maybe I should really print one T-Shirt like this, just for the fun of it ;)

  4. this is amazing!! you have a really individual painting style X