Friday, March 7

Palette Lounge


today I am going to show you my own palette lounge area. This isn´t a DIY, I know there is a lot of them for palette furniture already, but just to show you my version of it :)

Recently I moved in with my boyfriend and I had a lot of fun with decorating our small apartment. We did not have a lot of furniture, so we had to get creative. With my furniture design knowledge (learnt via Internet sites), ideas were floating. For our dining area we got an old dining desk from his parents and I decided to repaint it in a bright color, a nice vanilla shade. Because of the lack of chairs I asked my parents to get me a bunch of old palettes, which was not a problem. So we smoothed them with sandpaper for which I borrowed a machine so it was quickly done. Then we painted them with the same color than the desk, put them together and we were done. 

There is also a lot of storage space in between them, for magazines or books but we do not have a lot of stuff yet.

Also, my mother got this foam pillows from an old couch that we threw out and sewed gorgeous large cushions. They really make the whole thing look amazing.

You can even see our red gumball machine, which is a hit :)

Hope you like it.

With love,



  1. Such an inspiring post!
    Love the idea.

    Have a wonderful day!