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How To Find Your Dream House Within Your Budget?


There are a lot of great TV shows about interior design out there, some of them are just a little bit better then others, in my opinion. I like the ones about the fixer-uppers better and so I want to recommend some of them to my fellow interior design enthusiasts. And also write about the things I learnt from watching them. 

How to find the house of your dreams within your budget? 

#1 Location!

Location is the number one rule when searching for your perfect home. Why is that? Because almost everything can be restored/fixed in a way you can live with, but you cannot change the location. If you love to live near a City, you are never going to not want to live near a city. If you need peace and quiet, you are not going to get used to the noisy streets. Well, you can get used to it, but you are never going to like it. Do not compromise on location. 

#2 See through the clutter

When you go house hunting you must be able to picture the house with your stuff in it. Also, there are a lot of things you can change. You can change tiles, paint walls, update old things, even tear out walls. If you like the layout, you can probably make it work with the other stuff. 

#3 Be realistic 

You should make your research about the price range of houses in your selected area and keep that in mind. 
Be realistic about what you can get for your money or you will be disappointed.

#4 Update old furniture

New home owners usually do not have a lot of extra money for new furniture and  interior design but do not worry. You can make gorgeous unique furniture out of old tables, chairs, even pallets. Ask your friends and family if they have some stuff they do not use or go to a flee market. You can find really awesome things and with a touch of paint they can look brand new.

#5 Have your own style

Do not copy someone else, it is your home, your place, your little world. Have fun making it your own. 

Also, you can learn a lot of different designing styles, when watching different TV Shows. 

One of them is a Canadian reality TV series, Property Brothers(2011-present), where identical twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott help home buyers to purchase and renovate fixer-uppers. 

Second one is an American reality TV series, Flip Men, starring Mike Baird and Doug Clark where they purchase foreclosed houses at auction, remodel the homes and sell them for return profits.

I also love watching: 

-Property Virgins
-Property Wars
-House Hunters
-House Hunters International
-Flip That House

Hmm, I think I probably forgot a few of them, but that's it for now. Hope you like my recommendations.

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  1. I love watching home programme- its makes me super excited to design my own place someday :-)