Friday, March 14

Painted To New - Makeup Table


recently I restored an old peace of furniture for my younger sister. She has always wanted to have a real makeup table but she never bought it. So I wanted for her to have a real unique one so I got an old dresser/cabinet with a huge mirror and made this. I painted it with colours that match the interior design in her room. 

I found this beautiful dresser knobs/handles for just 0,99 EUR a piece. 

Before there were three shelves in this cabinet but I removed two of them and moved one really high up, so it serves as a drawer. Kind of :)
I even put in a small chair and two hanging fabric organisers (one on each side) for more storage. 

I used blue and beige colour combination because it goes great with her other furniture.

Hope you like it.

With love,



  1. I love it! ;) x

  2. This is soo cute. I love the birds!
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    Renee x

  3. Beautiful! I love the little birds, they're adorable :) Your sister must be so pleased with her new dresser, I could never make anything so pretty, well done! hugs xx

  4. Great DIY project! Well done :)

    Lu ❤

  5. I bet your sis will never forget this! How sweet r u! Project well done.

  6. This is gorgeous :) you're very talented!

    Thanks for following my blog, have followed back...look forward to seeing more :)

    K x