Thursday, March 20

The Time Has Come - Spring Cleaning Tutorial


Spring is my absolute favourite season! The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, there is a fresh feeling in the air, full of life and love. Everything starts to awaken, so this is also a time to start fresh, get rid of the clutter and freshen up your living space.

For me this is a simple task, I live in a one bedroom apartment. :) So I have to clean my bedroom, desk space, kitchen, bathroom and a hallway. But it is a loot of work, still. So here is a tutorial on spring cleaning small apartments, in my way.


First, you should organise and clean your closets and drawers. A lot of us hold on on our clothes, even though we don't even touch them anymore. Maybe it doesn't fit us anymore and we convince ourselves that we are going to loose weight and wear them again and then we don't. Well, you know the story ;) You really should donate the apparel you don't wear anymore and make room for new, fresh, exiting stuff.
Do the same with your drawers in every room. I'm sure you are going to find some old, expired food, expired cosmetics or medicine that belongs in the trash. 

Then you should wipe all walls and ceilings to get rid of the dust that is gathering all year round. This is important if you ask me, because you usually don't do that.
When you are done with that, you must dust all shelves. I always take everything down, clean the surfaces with a wet cloth and then put everything back. Do throw out or donate the clutter - you don't need 152 pencils, etc.. You get my point ;)


Defrost the freezer and clean the refrigerator. Also, clean your oven, microwave, and every other appliance in your place.


Rotate your mattress, wash your bedding to get rid of bacteria and odours.
This is a must, you sleep on it every night and rest at daytime,  so it should be clean.


Clean your windows.
I love the sunlight to warm my room and I open my windows every day, so they really should look pretty.


All you have left to do is vacuum your floors, wash and wax them. Also, shampoo your rugs, wash bathroom tiles and polish metal surfaces.

I bet your place looks great now! :D Open your windows, feel the fresh air, buy some flowers to decorate your room. Make yourself a nice bubble bath, put on some music and enjoy your pretty place.

With love,


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