Friday, March 21

Cottage Look Foor Your Apartment


for as long as I can remember I have been obsessing about what my apartment/house is going to look one day. I like a lot of different furniture, but my style has always been the same - I LOVE the feel of cottage design. It kinda feels like a giant hug, It is welcoming, layed back, comfy and It makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy. Like a lake side cottage on vacation, from where you never have to leave :)

I think it has this large family/a lot of love kind of feel to it. Also it is simple and close to nature. It works well for everyday living, it looks kind of messy, but always casual and personal. I would add a lot of family pictures, wooden signs and non matching plates/chairs/pillows. 

My apartment
TIPS on how to get a great cottage look.


Colour Palette for your home should be in light, pale, pastel colours. Think of puffy cotton, whipped cream and clouds.


Fabric in your home should be feminine, use floral print and match it with ticking stripes, eyelet. Cotton, linen and burlap are great choices for this look, curtains should be simple and breezy. Feel free to mix and match pillows, blankets, even curtains. But don't go to far, it could end up looking tacky.


Slipcovers, slipcovers, slipcovers. Such a great choice, you can remove and wash them any time. Also, you can have a few of them and just change them up a little bit every once in a while. It will make you fell like you have a brand new home.


Paint is your best friend. Paint over everything you want, really. If its wooden tables, window frames, chairs, doors, whatever. It looks awesome if you paint furniture in different colours or colour shades. Pick your favourite and have fun :)


Flooring should have a vintage look; hardwood floors look the best in this design style.


Open storage looks very cute, a little clutter in sight doesn't hurt anyone. Well, you will maybe have to commit to a little more dusting.


Add your personal touch to it with your pictures, your kids drawings. Print a black and white map of the place where you met your spouse, draw a heart on it, frame it and hang it on a wall. Visit flee markets, pawn shops, garage sales and collect different plates, glasses, vases and together they will give a collective impact. 

I give this style a big plus for saving money and making a home look awesome on a low budget.

Hope you like it.

With love,


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