Sunday, March 23

What a Lovely Day in Italy!


yesterday I spent a lovely day with my family in Italy. It was a one day road trip, but we had a blast. First, we drove to a huge shopping centre in Palmanova. I ate one of the best ice creams in my life. So many choices- in ice cream flavour, toppings and dressings. I had a hazelnut and yogurt ice cream with added strawberries, nuts, sprinkles and chocolate sauce. Yummy.

I had two cups of Coffee and one Latte Machiatto that day. They were all so good, especially this one. I don't add any sugar in my coffee and this one tasted like it was already sweet. Weirdly, I liked it a lot :)

Then we went to Trieste and we had to stop in one part of the town, just so we can take pictures. It was really lovely, especially because we didn't go to a huge, touristy place. We took a walk through narrow streets of and old part of town, filled with little shops and Cafes.

Hope you liked a few snapshots of my day.

With love,



  1. That ice cream looks fabulous and Italy is amazing. I wish it was just a drive away for me
    xx, Michelle

  2. It was delicious ;) Thank you for commenting xx