Friday, April 25

Black Cemetery Story


it is Friday! Finally! I am going to get some rest and catch up with my art. I have been working a lot lately. I am getting used to it and I do like my job, but sure do like my weekends too :) 

I already started to post pictures from my photo shoot, so here is another one. We were shooting at an old cemetery. It really is a great place to take pictures, it has a lot of history, being an old Jewish cemetery. I don´t really like cemeteries though. I have a lot of respect for the people resting there and seeing the dates of how long they lived it kinda makes me wonder. How did they live? Were they happy? Loved? Did they suffer? I get really sad when I see a grave of a child. I don´t know why I wonder about their stories, death is the faith of all of us. Maybe that's exactly why. It is so final. Or is it? Oh well.. I think too much.

So, despite of my weird thoughts, we had a great time. We weren't loud or anything, but we did laugh. There was this one thing; Danijela was taking pictures and there was this plant that bothered her. It was in the way and it kept messing up the pictures. She went and laid it on the ground. My parents weren´t there at that moment. When they came back we were already a few steps away taking pictures. I was concentrating, looking all serious and with the corner of my eye I see my step dad moving the plant. I burst out laughing, it was so funny. Well, you had to be there, I guess :P

It was raining at times, so my parents held an umbrella above the camera, when needed. I was a bit cold and I had to change my clothes right there. Not pleasant. But I did get a yummy latte machiatto :)
My sister´s collection is really amazing, so here it goes. 

Nina Bohar´s collection is called IN LINE. Starting point for her line was sustainability and she used only used fabric and old coats, that were given to her. All of the fabric used in this collection is recycled. She got her inspiration from architecture, buildings ans staircases.

Thanks to our awesome photographer we have a bunch of great photos to choose from. :)  

Coat number two:

Photo by Danijela Grof
Photo by Danijela Grof

Photos by Danijela Grof
I hope you like it!

With love,


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