Tuesday, April 22

Urban Rainy Day


I had a really nice time this Easter with my family. We ate delicious food and had a great time together. I got a few great gifts (candy and money) too. :) We also did a little bit of work-fun :) My sister Nina took part in Fashion Week Ljubljana with her winter coats collection and it looked great. She worked really hard and our little photo shoot was the last touch for her school project. My mother helped her a lot, with the sewing. She was also a great assistant at our photo shoot. She bought a yummy coffee to go :) I was the model (glad to help).

Nina Bohar´s collection is called IN LINE. Starting point for her line was sustainability and she used only used fabric and old coats, that were given to her. All of the fabric used in this collection is recycled. She got her inspiration from architecture, buildings ans staircases.

The photographer was Danijela Grof, who has a really good eye for photography.

This is Nina´s fashion spread. 

Coat number one:

 Photos by Danijela Grof
I hope you like it!              

With love,



  1. Hello beautiful ;) I nominated you for Liebster award. For questions and details come to my blog. Loooove, Nina xx