Wednesday, May 7

At Castle Grey


how are you guys doing? I have been reading a lot of your posts last week and I enjoy a lot of them. I mean, there a just sooooo many.. I wish I had more time :) I love posts about cute interior design ideas, cute outfits and art. I loved this one post where someone painted their door bright yellow. It looks so cute, it makes me happy every time I look at it. I watched this movie last year - Safe Haven, where the girl painted the floor bright yellow. It looked so pretty and I had thoughts about doing something similar, but I haven't figured out yet what I want to paint over. But I will. And it will make me happy :)

OK, so here is part 3 of our photoshoot. We were shooting at a cemetery and a castle in my hometown. The locations were chosen by my sister and our photographer. They made really good choices. They are both very talented :)

Personally, I love this coat! It looks so great, the details are awesome. I mean, I'm no expert, but I really do like it. This black pants are also custom made. I am so proud of my sister, who knew she had it in her. Great work!

Nina Bohar´s collection is called IN LINE. Starting point for her line was sustainability and she used only used fabric and old coats, that were given to her. All of the fabric used in this collection is recycled. She got her inspiration from architecture, buildings ans staircases.

Coat number three:

Photos by Danijela Grof
I hope you like it!

With love,



  1. Oh how gorgeous coat! Clothes inspired by the architecture are always very interesting