Wednesday, May 14

Forgotten Shadows


what is it about these cloudy days that everyone looks so sad and grumpy? Hmmm.. Let´s blame the weather! I feel like that´s the main reason for everything these days. It has become this last resort, when people have nothing to talk about. Or no one to blame.. So here it goes..
The weather here is very moody these days and it looks like it has a weird effect on people. We are all moody. This is were this nice quote I like comes to mind:

"Women are not moody. We simply have days we are less inclined to put up with your shit."

OK, so in this exact moment I am in a very good mood. I am going home soon, I am having a great time living with my boyfriend on our own, I am happy. 

I have been thinking about something lately. I have these moments when I am doing something and I think: "WoW, I should really blog about this!" But then I remember, I have no photos of this. And then I am like, with no photos this would not be interesting. So I don't post a lot of great stuff! So sorry about this. So I decided I am going to write down, what I liked in the last two weeks:
1. I was at a Fashion Show
2. We had a cook out with my family, twice :) Well, once with my family and once with my boyfriends' family. It was so nice, one night we even had fire torches and a bonfire :) So awesome! 
3. I made a few litres of elderflower syrup with lemons. Yummy
4. I saw a great sunset in Ljubljana. It was on a windy day, the sky was blue, yellow and pink at the same time. I cannot even describe it. 
5. I went shopping! :) I should write a little haul post. I have a blast every time I go shopping.

OK, so that's that about my random thoughts.. Lets get serious; Here are the photos of Nina´s fourth winter coat.

Nina Bohar´s collection is called IN LINE. Starting point for her line was sustainability and she used only used fabric and old coats, that were given to her. All of the fabric used in this collection is recycled. She got her inspiration from architecture, buildings ans staircases.

Coat number four:

Photos by Danijela Grof
 I hope you like it!

With love,



  1. Beautiful photography and very interesting lines in the clothes!

    I also like the fact that you've made elder-flower syrup :))


  2. Thank you so much :)

    The syrup turned out great! ;)