Tuesday, June 24

Little Blue Owls


I am really liking this "Pretty Little Projects" posts. Especially since I am blogging about other peoples´ projects. I have a huge crush on this one. It is a super cute blue crochet Cell Phone Case with two little owls. Don´t you just love it? 

Danijela Grof made this one for her friend (I think) and the colours were chosen just for that person. I am not a fan of orange, but I do love blue. If this were for me, I would of chosen different colours - blue and white combination or maybe red and white. Can you picture it? :) I would even buy a huge vintage bronze button for it. Hmm.. It would fit in my purse like a charm :)

This week I am going for a short vacation. I am so happy I am going to spend some time with my family, barbecuing, having fun. This is my favourite part of summer! :) What is your favourite summer activity? 

Well, this was a short post, but I have some packing to do :D

Have a great week!

With love,


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