Friday, June 13

Do What You Love


it is Friday again! I guess for a last few weeks Fridays have been my "blogging days" :) I have a bit more free time on Fridays also I am excited about the upcoming weekend and happy - and I like to write when I am happy. It is all about positive thoughts, hope, love, expectations, family and everything good in life.

I have been reading a lot of positive thoughts for a last few weeks, because of my work. And I got really inspired in the process. So I got a few of new ideas for my future "Pretty Little Projects". I would like to try to paint on fabric. To make this unique designs, that are not printed on T-shirts but painted on. Did you try something like that already? I could use some advice :)

Today I am writing about Crochet Pillows, yet another Pretty Little Project :) I love doing posts like this. To compliment someones efforts and make them feel proud about what they have done is always nice. This cute pillows were made by Danijela Grof. She is a very creative person as you can see. I love writing about her home made stuff because I know they are always well made and made with love. When she talks about her projects, she is always so excited about them, it is very inspirational. I love when people do what they love. A lot of people claim that they don´t have time for them selves, but maybe they just don´t make time. But Danijela does it all. Great job! :)

Different shades of brown and beige make this white pillows look great. In their family room, which is cottage cozy brown with a white palette sofa, they make a great addition. Cute little flowers are a good match with poppy flowers inspired art and photography on their walls.

Now this one is a lot more girly and it was made for her home office/room. I think a lot of girls would like to have this pillow. I love interior design and the things that make all the difference when you are decorating on a budget are these little details. It is something that makes a room look yours, to reflect your personality.

This one you have already seen. White guest room. Peaceful and cozy.
Which one is your favourite?

I hope you like them all.

With love,


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