Monday, August 18

Brick Water Well - Without Water


I went to a quick visit home past weekend for my grandma´s birthday. Every single time I go, they have something new to brag about :) It is not something they bought, my family loves DIY projects and home decor, so it is always something they do themselves. This time it was my mother´s idea and my step dad was the "contractor". Here is the result:

We got the old bricks from a friend, when they tore down an old house. We didn´t buy them, yay :D I have to say that this brick water well is just a brick well. It does not hold water, its there for decor reasons :) It looks great and they did a really good job. My mom has a great sense for home decor and I love all of her ideas. She is very lucky that she has my step dad - they are a great DIY team. One of them very crafty and the other can build things. I have to invite them to our new home for a weekend and make a list of things I want :) 

Our backyard is a great place for family parties and barbecues. All we need is a small fire pit where we can sit at nights and chill out by the fire. Or not.. We do have a lot of places to hang out already. Oh well.. My mom is the boss :) 

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