Sunday, August 24

Leftover No-Chesse-Pizza Rolls


so today I decided to make a yummy pizza for lunch :) It was amazing, if I say so myself ;) But I made too much pizza dough and I also had some leftover tomatoes and ham. I didn´t want it go to waste, so I made pizza rolls, even though I had no cheese left. I had a feeling they would taste great - I was soo right! They were even better then pizza :D 

We ate them for dinner with some salad. 

Before baking
After baking
When you make pizza or something similar and have a bit of ingredients left, you should make something with them - use your imagination. I mean, if you have a little understanding of which ingredients go together and how things are baked, you should succeed :) 

I don´t use much salt so I was thinking about using jam as a topping. I choose ham and tomatoes in the end, because I didn´t want them to go to waste. But jam or chocolate topping would of been awesome too. I tried that before and it worked. 

What are your solutions to avoid leftovers? We often have leftover food, because for me it is hard to cook for two. I always worry that one of us would be left hungry. I often freeze the leftovers and one of us eats them, when the other is working late. So at least it works for that kind of days. 

I hope you like them!

With love,



  1. My family pretty much never avoid leftovers.We make sure that we have some, so that we can have food to last us. Then we wouldn't have to cook for like two days. Besides that, these pizza rolls look delicious especially because of the last picture! :)

  2. Thank you :) At home, we always used to eat like this too and it was normal for me. But my boyfriend always complaints that the food tastes funny the second day. We also don´t have a big freezer, so I rather cook just enough.