Friday, October 31

Drawing Rudy From The Basketeers

Hello-(ween) to You All!

We have his little 6-year old brother staying with us, because school´s are out this week here. I was looking forward for him to be here and now we are having a ton of fun reading books, playing games, watching cartoons, eating sweets, and much more. His little adorable face can get away with almost anything – that is also why our meals have been moved in front of the TV or computer screens. Don´t get me wrong, I enjoy watching a good movie while eating dinner and we do that often, but I kind of hoped that we would be eating at the table this week, for the kid – but it is not gonna happen. He loves it here, though. It is not my job to be super strict, I am not the parent. Aren´t siblings suposed to have fun together and not follow all the rules? 

Today we (he) decided to draw a character from his favourite cartoon (animation?) The Basketeers, Rudy. He loves it so much he even considered changing his name to Rudy. But we like his name so much moooore: Aleks (read: Alex). :

We used a:

  • blank B1 paper sheet
  • pencils
  • eraser
  • colored pencils
  • pencil sharpener

We looked up a picture of Rudy and used it as an example, but we had to make a few minor changes to the design, because the dimenzions of the paper sheet weren´t right. Well that is not exactly true, I wasn´t being carefull when drawing and Rudy´s head was finished, there was no place for his hand to be on the same place as it is in the picture. Here is what we created.  

Rudy in the making
Happy Aleks with Rudy
With love,


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