Saturday, November 22

My Favourite Makeup Products - MAC Cosmetics

I am not a fan of waking up an hour before having to leave for work to have a long morning routine. I am too lazy for that, I rather hit snooze and sleep until the last minute. But I do like my makeup products and I have days when I am so excited that my smokey eye turns out perfectly! So I have perfected a quick morning routine for those days, when I feel like wearing makeup. I am a loyal customer of MAC Cosmetics and I adore their makeup! 

My sister is the culprit who made me obsessed with MAC Cosmetics! I searched the perfect eye shadow and blush for me for weeks, since it is a bit expensive and I don´t usually spent that much on makeup. Their store is also not located in our country, so I have to either order them on line or buy their products when I go to Vienna or Budapest. 
MAC Cosmetics - brush is not from their brand.
After revising about 40 forums and blogs, I decided on two eye shadows which are perfect shades for women with dark brown hair and brown/green eyes - Sumptuous olive and Woodwinked. I have no other eye shadow in my makeup purse! I love the green one a bit more, though. This highly-pigmented powder applies evenly and blends well, just as they state on their website.
Sumptuous olive and Woodwinked
I really wanted to have a good blush for years but I haven´t found the right one for a long time. I love natural look, and I always thought that blushes make you look fansy or something. I wasn´t exactly a girly girl growing up, I was more into sports and art. But I do like to look pretty - so that changed a bit since then. When I went to Budapest with my family, we went to MAC Cosmetics store, I knew I was going to find the perfect one. One of their makeup artists helped me and I chose the mineralized blush called Warm Soul (which is mid tone beige with gold pearl) and it is perfect for me.  It is very long lasting, it warms up the skin tone and makes my cheeks look radiant :) 
Mineralized blush Warm Soul
What else I love about MAC Cosmetics?
I heard they offer a recycling program that scores you free makeup with every six empty MAC product containers that you bring in. Then you can redeem them for one free lipstick! I haven´t had six empty containers yet, but I will one day. 
I also love that you can choose your own custom palette.

I have only one comment about the packaging, but I am sure that it was my fault somehow. It is very sleek and compact and I like it very much, but the top plastic came off and now I have to adjust it every time I open the blush. I did not drop it on the floor or anything like that but I travel a lot (visit my family) and I think it may have got damaged inside my suitcase. This is the only way it could of gotten damaged. 

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