Thursday, November 20

Special Christmas Gifts for Everyone in Your Life!

December is right around the corner and I am already making plans for my favourite holidays of the year.  I am already brainstorming for the perfect gifts for my loved ones. My friends have been asking me to draw them a something  for years now and I always said I will, when I won´t be so busy. This year I decided to make each of them their own special drawing and framing it for their Christmas present. For months I have been looking for signs what kind of wall art would they like to have in their homes and I have picked out the perfect motive for all of them.  Well, one of them e-mailed me an exact drawing she would love to have and I am making a replica of that drawing. She also added  few extra motives, which they all like so I decided to go with that. I think this will be an original way to make them happy and it will not cost me anything except for my time. Since I love making art, this will not be a problem for me. I am having fun while doing it.

So here is the exact plan for my personalised gifts.

1. Draw, draw and draw and make it look awesome!
2. Use watercolours to finish the painting.
3. Write something special about each of them above the painting and sign your name underneath.
4. Frame them.
5. Wrap your gifts and wait for the Holidays to come!

You can make these kind of gifts for everyone – include something special, add a note and frame it! I made a special gift list with ideas on what to frame for every special person in you life.  I hope you will find something you will like!

Two drawings in the process of making. I hope they will be great gifts for my friends, when finished.

With love,



  1. Yes, yes, yes! The thought is what counts and I know I'd always appreciate a well thought out sentimental gift the most.


  2. If you have some cool ideas too, let me know :)