Thursday, December 11

Our Christmas Decorations

Our Stockings With Name Initials

in the middle of December your house should be at least a little bit decorated for Christmas. I have to admit I only started decorating my apartment today, but I spent last week at my parent´s house and they are all set for the Holidays. Except for the Christmas tree, off course. We decorate that together on the night before Christmas. At home we always had an advent wreath on our dining table and we always made it ourselves. I especially love vintage and nature style decorations, which my mom complemented with red colour candles, which are spot on for this time of year! We choose a red/white colour decorations, since my mom crochet a lot of different ornaments in that colours. What kind of decorating do you prefer?
Our Dining Table Decorations
Advent Wreath
I LIKE a lot of different decorating styles but my decisions are based on my budget in the end. Someday when I have kids, I would love to have a colourful Christmas tree with different colour lights. I always choose neutral and simple decorations, but then I think I will go all out and blame it on the kids :) 

This time of year brings a little bit of magic in our lives - People are smiling more, everything is gorgeously decorated, there are lights and I really believe that everyone is a slightly better person this time of year. 

Have a magical time,


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