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Home Design: Live in The Era of Mad Men

Make it simple but significant. 
Don Draper
Mad MenAn American period drama about society of 1960´s, highlighting cigarette smoking, sexism, feminism, drinking, homophobia, adultery, antisemitism and racism. (Wiki) An awesome TV series which aired their last episode more than a week ago. They made the interior design of 1960´s, mid-century modern, very popular again, so that's awesome.

Mid-century modern is all about simplicity, nostalgia and comfort. In that uncertain era it was important for people to have a sense of connection and security in their homes - tough times produce innovative designs out of necessity. 


Mad Men (Season 5)
Don and Megan Draper's Apartment - Mad Men - Season 5 - Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

1. Pick the Right Colours

For mid-century modern colours should be darker neutral tones combines with saturated accent colours. You should follow the 60-30-10 rule; 60% dominant base colour, 30% secondary colour, and 10% accent colour.

2. Less Is More

Keep in mind to keep your design simple. No unnecessary details or clutter.

3. Wood details

Mid-Century Walnut Credenza Dresser

4. Let There Be Light

Mid-Century Ivory Ceramic Lamp

5. Embrace Patterns And Textures

Mid-Century Modern Sofa by Kroehler

6. Retro Art 

Retro Style Sunburst Clock

These are some great elements of recreating the MAD MAN home interior design. But you should always put a little bit of you into your home, make your own interior design mix and match with what speaks to you. People are not black and white when it comes to design, we like different elements of different interior design styles. So here is how I would add mid-century style to my own taste.

My Mix and Match Examples


1. Home Office

Womb Chair with Ottoman, Chandelier and Desk are from Chairish, Rug is from Love4home and Cabinet from IKEA

 2. Living Room

Sofa is from Chairish, Cabinet, Lamp and Ottoman from IKEA, Rug and Pillow from Love4home

I hope you like it.

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