Tuesday, May 5

Old to New - A Polka Dot Remodel


In the attic of my mother´s house there are a lot of hidden treasures, especially since we have been moving stuff up there since I can remember. Al of the old stuff, my childhood memories, clothes, books and toys, it is all up there. But not in a hoarding kind of way. We did throw away all of the useless stuff and gave away everything that others can benefit from. But there is still a lot of clutter left. My mother and I, we are different that way - I throw away everything I don´t have a use for, she keeps it all in case if someone would need it someday. 

For a few years now I have been restoring and refinishing old furniture and giving it a new, great look. I really do love doing this and am so glad if someone asks me for ideas, help or general advice. In every piece of old furniture I always picture their full potencial in a new, awesome design. This idea was my mothers though, she wanted yelow and she wanted polka dots.

A new, refreshed look
The use of the new furniture - I am sorry for the bad lighting, I could have taken a better picture..
Matching decoration
Matching decoration number 2

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