Monday, March 10

Old Paintings

Lovely day to you all,

I spent a great weekend at home with my family and I had a lot of fun. Catching up with family and friends along with some delicious cake and good coffee can be really awesome! 

I even took some time to look for my old paintings and take pictures of them. Here is what I found, in orange-yellow combination.

This one is kind of small but it looks great in combination with the second one, because they are both made in similar colours. I painted Kala flowers for my mom almost 6 years ago with oil colours. She loves it and uses it every year for her spring design in our living room. She changes accessories for interior design every time the season changes. Yellow-orange-red is reserved for spring.

Here is the other one, a painting of daisies (70 x 50cm). I was 17 years old when I painted this one and I would love to make some changes on it NOW :) I learned a lot of new things in painting since then but my mother loves it just the way it is :)

Have a nice day!

With love,


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