Saturday, March 8

Happy Women´s Day!

My best to all you awesome women out there! :)

It´s international women's day and you should all feel special just for being you. You also might get yourself a little treat or do whatever makes you happy. 

I went home this weekend to give cheek kisses to all my favorite women. I even got them a little something, just for the fun of it. I love giving simple, cute, pretty little gifts that bring a big smile on someones´ face. 

So here is my gift list for this occasion. I went to Muller store and got this pretty little vases with a butterfly on them. They were 1,99EUR each.

Cute, aren't they?

I also got scented candles to go with them and then tried to wrap them in a nice way. I found an old magazine, that I got for free somewhere and decided to use it for gift wrapping. 

It really can turn out great, in a vintage kind of way. I may even put a little flower in the vases. Here are the results:

It´s not much but I like it. Hope you do to.

With love,



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  2. Thank you :)
    Have a lovely day ;)

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