Wednesday, March 26

Oil Painting Supplies


Since my blog is about art, I decided I am going to give basic information about different types of painting. Its my great hobby and I would like to share some of my knowledge with you. Today's "mini art class" is about oil painting supplies. 

#1 Canvas

They come in so many sizes, you can paint as big a painting as you like. But go small for your first one, take your time to learn.

#2 Easel 

You can also put a canvas on a table, but I don't suggest  that. Its much harder to paint in that way because this colours are slow drying. You are probably going to put paint all over your hands, elbows and also ruin your painting in the process. 

#3 Palette

I use old yogurt cups, they do the work just as well. And when I am done with them, I just throw them out. But I usually use only turpentine, so this works. If you use paint thinners or linseed oil, the cup can melt (it happened to me once). Well this is up to you.

#4 Oil Paints

They are thick and they come in tubes. If you are going to paint regularly, you have to buy extra white paint.

#5 Brushes

A lot of different brushes. Well, it depends on what you are going to paint.

#6 Rags 

Something to wipe your hands with, you are going to use that a lot. I do, and I threw a lot of them out already. I am kinda messy and I don't like to wash this rags, because oil paints are long lasting. I use turpentine to wash the paint off my hands.


Because of the slow drying time you can remove the things you don't like and paint over it. You can paint in layers, when oil paint is dry.


Colours can cross-contaminate if not applied accurately and they dry really slowly. You must be very careful with the wet paints, because it is very hard to remove.

That is it for now, hope you like it.

With love,