Friday, May 23

History of the Silent


here are the last photos of our photo shoot. I mean the last "official" photos. There are a lot more of them and maybe I will post them as /behind the scenes/, because I like a lot of them! :D Sometimes I am even smiling in them :) My sister made a huge deal about this, I CANNOT SMILE in these photos. CANNOT look happy. I know, I understand. Fashion. In real life I am joking and laughing a lot though.  

I miss vacation! I am fantasising about cold salty sea water, sand beaches, volleyball and cold drinks with little umbrellas :) I would love to go somewhere quiet and relaxing. Maybe next month. I will find a cheap deal for a little Getaway. I am checking out deal as I write :) The best thing for me NOW it would be to go to a hotel, so that I don't have  to cook or clean :) Also I want to be very near to the beach! I love swimming. I love Sea water. I love snorkeling. I love everything about "Sea" vacation :) In the mornings I would go for a run on the beach, drink yummy smoothies, eat a lot of watermelon and seafood. Yummm. Oh, my god, this is going to be awesome! I am sooo ready ;) 

Gosh, I don't have time to go yet. Work is to blame. Talk, talk, talk and no action. Next month. Definitely!

Oh, enough fantasising.. 

Here is the description of this collection: 

Nina Bohar´s collection is called IN LINE. Starting point for her line was sustainability and she used only used fabric and old coats, that were given to her. All of the fabric used in this collection is recycled. She got her inspiration from architecture, buildings ans staircases.

Coat number five:

Photos by Danijela Grof

I hope you like it!

With love,



  1. Great photos, I love the coat! Hopefully you'll be on your way to the coast very soon!

  2. Very cool look!

    Much Love, M