Thursday, June 5

Flower Crochet Curtains


Today I am sharing a very cute little project with you. It is not my work, I have to state that :) This cute curtains were made by Danijela Grof, who is also our photographer at lots of times. Also, my boyfriends´ mother :) She gave me these photos of her work because I really wanted to share her little projects with you guys.

I am not sure about this fabric. We went to buy fabric fur curtains together (I bought one too) but I'm not sure if she used that fabric or another one. Well, it doesn´t matter, really. I had plans to make a similar curtain for our bedroom, but.. I didn´t. Yet :) I will.. Once. Mine will be with little roses in deep red colour.

The process:
She cut out the fabric to to fit the window frame and hemmed the edges. Then she made small little crochet flowers and lastly sewed them on the fabric. Stems were made in the same way. It looks amazing, right? So simple, elegant and cute for a cottage look.

Guest Bedroom Curtain
This guest bedroom was once my boyfriends´ room. As we moved to out little apartment, we took his furniture and everything with us. So they were left with an empty room and a lot of makeover ideas :) This curtain fits with the look of the room, the furniture was home made out of pallet's. It is an all white wooden cozy little bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Bench
Here is an another part of the room. Cute, right? That two paintings on the right (you can barely see them) are mine :)

Kitchen Island Curtain
This is a small /half/ wall that divides a part of their kitchen and family room. They have an open space layout. This area looks awesome, because it is made out of bricks and white wall. They have a  small brown window frame (in the picture), it looks kind of rustic. Also, above the window there is a red house number address plague. And an outdoor rustic watch. Awesome :)

I hope you like this little project!

With love,


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