Monday, September 1

Perfect Match and Funny Faces


we had yet another photo shoot :) I got used to this, it is a lot of fun. Also tiring, I have to say! I never thought that modelling can be so much work. I don´t even do most of the things models do, like always eating healthy, exercising a lot, beauty treatments, etc.. But for that one day I try to pretend I can look somewhat similar to a model, I still get tired. High heels, cold weather, warm weather, dress changes, look here, look there, watch your expression, where are you looking at, stand still, move to the left, look to the right, aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :) It gets frustrating, yet still interesting and fun. 

This dress is my sister´s work, again. She did so much awesome clothing so far, I am glad I can be a part of her "fashionista" journey. :P I know she will do great things :) Happy B-Day, sis ** 

We were photographing in a small village, near to an old old house. No one has lived there for many years, it is falling apart actually, but it was the perfect scene for presenting this dress. The colours on the wall and the dress complimented each other, so they were a perfect match.

Photo by Danijela Grof
Photo by Danijela Grof
When we were done with the official photo shoot, we made a few different photos with this little cutie. This was my favourite part of the day, making funny faces with Aleks, my boyfriend´s little brother. What an awesome kid, he is very smart and goofy, funny and so adorable.

Photo by Danijela Grof
In all, it was a very lovely day, we had fun.

With love,


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