Wednesday, September 3

This Home Runs on Love and Coffee


We moved to a bigger apartment! :D It doesn´t feel like it is ours OURS yet, so we have a lot of work ahead of us. It looks great just as it is but we have to add a bit more cozy and homey feel to it. With funny quotes, cute photos and cozy pillows.

This truthful sign hangs on our kitchen wall :)

So, about the MOVE - The location is awesome, I have a 5 minute walk to my workplace. I have a huge shopping centre 10 minutes of walking distance away and a Forrest at my back yard. BUT boy, do I hate the process of moving..... SO MUCH WORK. So many stuff. So little time. I ended up throwing out a bunch of useless stuff and I feel great about it. The clutter is almost completely gone! I still have to go though my closet and get rid of old clothes that I don't like anymore. But that can wait. I have a lot of interior designing to do :D

Now I am in the middle of decorating and love every minute of it! But our changes won´t be huge, we decided we will not paint the walls. NOPE. We do not plan to paint them back when we move out - this lesson we learnt the hard way. Anyway, the walls look nice as they are, in a green-white-yellow combination, which makes the apartment look very bright and happy. We will make it our own with different photos, quotes that refer to us and make us smile and happy when we read them :)

Words we live by :) and will always apply if you come by!

Would you hang something like this on your wall? I think they are kind of cute, when you mix them with personal photos and paintings.

Also, we brought a few plants, furniture and a lot of wall art with us. Something I am going to splurge on is a new couch cover. I really want a new split cover, which will make the couches feel brand new. We have two of them. When I add that and new cute pillows, a small cozy carpet, the place is going to look and feel great.

I am going to share the photos with you as soon as possible. When I finish at least two of my many projects to come, with decorating.

Have a great day.

With love,


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