Tuesday, October 14

I Write Every Day!


I have a new project ahead of me which has most of my attention these days. I have been thinking about it for a while now - in reality I have always wanted to do this. I am writing a book, a novel - drama/romance.

So with that note, I joined My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge and I guess I am really  doing it! My first week was successful - I wrote 11.000 words. I don´t want to worry about the word count though. I am focusing on my content at the time, editing will come later.

My 500 Words

Why am I doing this if it seems like everyone is writing books nowadays- you may think?
Well, I am a huge book nerd and I read a lot ever since I was a little girl. I read printed books, I read pdf books on my tablet, on my phone and computer. I have a bunch of favourite books ( one of them being: Bella Mafia by Lynda la Plante), I am a huge James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks fan and also like books in general - cooking books, knowledge books, self-help books etc. I could spend hours in bookshops and libraries and I am not ashamed to admit it. And I strongly believe people should do what makes them happy - so why not.

I still have a lot of questions about his, but I will worry about that once I´m finished with the process of writing, editing, etc. I am taking one day at a time, trying to enjoy this process. I will still mention my worries hoping one of you could help me with some advice.

Things I think and worry about:
  • Print Book or eBook?
  • Self-publish on Amazon or Smashwords or..?
  • Use a Pen name or my real name?
  • How to choose the best title?
  • Setting a price for my book?
  • Who to design the cover?
  • Will I finish writing it at all?  .......
I guess I worry more then I thought. If you are a self-publishing author, please give your own opinion about it. I congratulate you in advance, because I learnt it is more work with writing and publishing a book than I thought.

Have a great inspiring day.

With love,


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