Friday, October 24

Top 10 Things to Do, When Bored


     we all get bored from time to time. Here are some ideas for you to make those days a bit more interesting.

  1.      Download a whole season of a TV series I have never watched before. But then I get obsessed with it and watch the other 6 seasons, even though I cannot afford to be bored anymore. Hello, sleep deprivation. Duh.
  2.      Clean. This one is new and unexpected. Who am I anyway?!?
  3.      Paint with oil colours, do decoupage or something artsy.  
  4.      Call my sister, boyfriend, mom, friend, grandma,.. When I am out of options, I listen to my iPod.
  5.      Go for a run. Long run.
  6.      Read a book while drinking coffee. Mostly on my tablet, because this way I don´t have to walk to the library.
  7.      Bake something out of scratch. 
  8.      Go window shopping. I would go shopping-shopping, but I have no money for that. 
  9.       Read 9gag.
  10.      Wash my hair and do my make-up while listening to loud music, singing and dancing like a crazy person. 
     I hope you get some ideas from this. But I think they are kind of normal, right? Nothing special.

     With love,


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