Thursday, November 6

A Few Words on Writing my Book


I have been writing for weeks now and it feels like months. Revising my draft every day, reading trough dictionaries, checking for spelling errors and so on. I do enjoy the process, really. I think about tghe storty all the time. At night I have trouble falling asleep because I think about it too much. It has totally taken over my life.

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The biggest issue I am having now is to chose the right editor for my book - I know it is best for every writer to have someone else read trough the manuscript, but I have limited options here. English language is not my nor my friends' and families' first language so they are not really the best people to proof read my book. I would love if someone had an interest to do so, but most of them don't even enjoy reading in general, so reading in English language is the last thing on their minds. Plus asking someone to do something you know he hates - not really fair.

Other issues I am having are that I never seem to think my book is great enough to be finished and published. I have a huge fear for it to be poor in grammar and in all badly written. Really. I have read a ton of books in English and I think I have a sense for writing stories but I have no trust in my work. Like, non. I feel like a professional editor would help my writing in the future a lot and I would improve by reading his/her comments. How much money should I spend on editing?

In the middle of this I am also figuring out what my title should be and how the cover page should look like. Do you guys have some advice for me? If so, feel free to share your thoughts. I am always up for some creative criticism.

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