Wednesday, November 5

Lunch For Less Than 1€


I have been cooking and baking a lot lately and since food is the biggest monthly cost in a lot of households (except for rent, off course), I have been trying to figure out what yummy meals I can make on a tight budget. I decided to do a little experiment - to spend 25€ weekly on food and I am really curious if it can be made. I think I can manage, but this budget contains breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. Not so easy, huh? I still think you really can find a lot of items on sale and just go with it. Mix it up all together like Jamie Oliver does :) For snacks I will buy fruits and yogurts, breakfasts are made of oatmeal´s or cereal, so it is not much, and we don´t really eat dinner, since we have lunch at 4 PM because we come home from work around that time. Maybe a yogurt or fruit before bed. I hope we can make this work, we will save a lot of money if we do.

Yesterday I managed to make lunch for less than 1€! It was yummy and I was really happy with it. We ate homemade dumplings with tomato sauce. I used 1kg of flower, two spoons of sonflower oil, water, salt, sugar and tomato puree. I could also use whole wheat fower to make it healthier. Making dumplings took me an hour and a half, but I lisened to music and it was not so bad. I was at home yesterday - so I had time. My hands did start to hurt a bit, since I am not used to making these. But I was really happy with the end result and it was worth it! My boyfriend complimented on my cooking and I felt awesome. 

Plus it is really great to make this kind of foods at home - you always know what ingridients you used. So without preservative or additives in you food, which you don´t even know how to pronounce. So that´s a plus.

Dumplings with tomato sauce
1€ down, 24€ to go - a great first day of my experiment! 



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