Sunday, November 16

Eat healthier with less effort

I love to eat good food and I since I had weight issues in the past I refuse to eat something that does not make my taste buds go crazy! My philosophy is: “Do not gain weight from food with bad taste”. I love eating healthy which does not mean not delicious in my book. Healthy eating means having a balanced diet and there is no room for extremes. There are ways to make a dish that you dislike more to your taste.

If you love fast food.

There are ways to make fast food at home in a variety of healthier recipes. Change the way you shop: instead of white bread choose whole wheat bread and swap white pasta with wheat pasta. There a lot of healthier options for you to supplement your favourite meal ingredients and your dish will still taste amazingly good. Try grilling instead of deep frying and use olive oil instead of butter. One of my favourite dishes to make at home is a great whole wheat bun hamburger with fresh onion, salad and tomatoes. Try to incorporate healthy lifestyle in your everyday life and have fun in the process of discovering new, healthy recipes.

If you love sugar.

Supplement sugar with honey or maple syrup, in small servings. There is a lot talk about using stevia or agave these days, which are all-natural sweeteners. They are a lot sweeter than sugar, so you have to use it in moderation. The easiest way is to simply eat more fresh fruits which contain enough fructose for you to not crave sugar as much anymore.  This way you will also consume lot of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

If you love drinking soda.

I was never much of a soda drinker, so I am fine with drinking water all the time. Some of you may enjoy drinking soda very much and there are ways to still enjoy a great drink without all of the sugar intake. Make a lot of tea, add honey and lemon or prepare it however you like it best and let it cool off. Pour it in bottles and put it in your fridge and there you have it – a nice refreshing homemade ice tea at all times. The great side of this is that there are so much different tea flavors, you can drink new ice tea every day.

If you dislike vegetables.

We all know vegetables are good for our bodies and minds, because of all the vitamins they contain. If you cannot stand the idea of eating raw or cooked vegetables, mix it in with your other food, so you will not see or taste them. Mash the cauliflower, broccoli or carrots in with you mash potatoes. Put the cooked veggies in your whole wheat tortillas and add some low fat cheese. Put some veggies in your fruit smoothie and you won´t even taste it. Bring in your vitamins in a way your taste buds will not suffer.

You may need some time to adjust to new flavors but it will be worth it. You may discover new dishes which you will enjoy even more than the foods you are used to eating now. Explore the rich world of delicious food and stay healthy.

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