Monday, November 17

OneRepublic Performance in Ljubljana with KONGOS

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The concert started at 8 PM on a Sunday night, with a South African alternative rock band KONGOS as the opening act. They were AWESOME! Here I am, the morning after the concert already googling them - I did know one of their songs by heart, which which they ended their performance (Come With Me Now) but I never knew the name of their band or any other information about them before. The awesome thing about them is that they are four brothers: Johnny (accordion, keyboard, vocals), Jesse (drums, percussion, vocals), Daniel (guitar, vocals), and Dylan Kongos (bass guitar, lap slide guitar, vocals). Now they live, record and perform in Phoenix. 
I have to say I liked them featuring Moe'z Art - Come Together performance the best. Here is a video of that song.

OneRepublic started their show with a bit of a delay. I was already yawning after 40 minutes from when KONGOS have left the stage. The stage setup was taking a bit long, but their performance was so awesome, I totally forgot about that! They sound even better in person!

OneRepublic Performance
They opened the show with "Light it up" with a nice light show behind the white curtains. They were playing behind the curtains for a bit too long, but when it came down, it was awesome! I especially loved the lights they had on their guitars and the fans went crazy! The concert hall Centre StoĹžice was packed full with supposedly 10.000 screaming fans. 

OneRepublic Performance
They played all of their biggest hits and they did not disappoint! Plus they incorporated a bit our country in their performance with a great video playing in the background and they brought Slovenia´s flag on the stage with them for which they get extra points! For Slovenia they said that it has been the best first day in a new country, which was awesome in a way also. Well, they have to say something nice in every city, don´t they? :)

I remember the singer Ryan saying that his favourite music video they have ever filmed was the new video for the song "I Lived". I love that song very much, thank you for sharing :) I hoped they would play "Preacher" but my wish didn´t come true. Still, it was one of the best concerts in my life so far! Thank you KONGOS and OneRepublic for a great night!

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  1. Lucky you! We've heard that they're one of the best live, so we've been wanting to see them for a while.

    M + K

    1. They really are! You should see them perfornimg live. I checked out your blog, I like your style! If you would be interested in doing a button swap, I would really like to link your blog to mine. Let me know!