Tuesday, January 6

Freya May Confidential - A Self Help Blog by a First Time Self Helper

I have been wanting to become a writer since I was just a little kid. I have talked about it to my mom so many times I cannot even remember. But I know what I said to her - I am going to write a book someday. I didn´t know what kind of book, how long or even what about - I just knew there would be a book once that was written by me.

I was a bookworm growing up - my mom used to frustrate about my reading at times. I would read while eating lunch with the family, I would read "secretly" past over my bedtime. I just couldn´t put a good book down - I was drawn by the story and events. I laughed and cried with the characters and I felt with them. I really did.

I had a lot of ideas until now about what book should I write and I finally decided on a theme. I started writing a blog called Freya May Confidential - A Self Help Blog by a First Time Self Helper. I am publishing the "blog" part of the story, but the back story will be published in the book itself. It is a mix between romance, drama and self-help book. The characters are fictional, but the book is kinda based on real life - mine or people I know. I mean - you can´t write about something you don´t know, right? Some events are made up or exaggerated, though - it is all part of creating great fiction :)

The blurb (for now):

A young twenty-something brunette was sitting at her computer desk in a somewhat big apartment for her age/financial status and writing her new-era self-help Blog called Freya May Confidential. But she wouldn´t be caught dead blogging under her REAL name– no, she had an image to uphold. She worked on her confident and strong successful persona for too long to be perceived as weak and –uhm, average. But is wall all a big conception, an idea she carefully built over the years of her existence. No one will know the real HER - it was her biggest fear. But the problem was, not even she knew who that person was.

If you like reading and are willing to give my blog a shot, please follow Freya May Confidential.

I am glad you are here.

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