Wednesday, January 7

Get Yourself a Watch And Have a Great TIME

I usually don´t wear a watch because it is a too big of a risk of me ruining it since I draw, paint, play sports, cook, clean, etc. But there are times when I love to have my wrist watch on and it makes me feel more mature, sophisticated and fancy. It is a great accessory and I don´t have to take my phone everywhere just that I am able to keep track of time. Plus, I kinda love being phoneless :) Gives me a feeling of freedom. 

In case you don´t have a watch in your possession, here are a few reasons of why you should buy one.

1. It is rude to check your phone all the time - I read that one somewhere and I completely agree with it. When you go get a drink with someone you shouldn´t be looking at your phone constantly - it gives an impression that you are not having the best time and are just waiting for an excuse to leave as soon as possible. 

2. You don´t have to take your phone everywhere - Spend some time alone and have all the time in the world for yourself. Time - get it? Because of the watch. Yeah. Lets move on.

3. You can wear it as an accessory - And even pull off some crazy neon color watches while still looking classy.

4. You can show off your success - In some proffesions visible success is important and with a high profile watch you can demonstrate to your clients that you are a high-paying consultant and are worth of every penny they spend on you.

My choice of watches:

You should choose one that fits your personality best. You can take part in an auction and get a great deal on a great men’s or women’s watch at invaluable. "Oh my, look at the time.. Better get going :)"

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  1. Mom did a great job styling too! I know this family must be blown away by these- AWESOME my friend, just AWESOME!!!