Thursday, January 22

My Future Home - Living Room

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with decorating rooms. From watching only room makeover shows to reading decor magazines and spending hours in furniture and accessories stores. Since I got a regular job, I started dreaming about owning my own little house with a yard someday. I cannot buy one, obviously, but I can fantasise about decorating my future home.

My future living room options I am loving at this time.

This bar is a remodelling project from the Shabby Chick Cottage and it looks amazing! It would make the room light up and even more special by being an unique piece. I feel the same about that vintage suitcase chair by Katie Thompson from Recreate which also looks super comfy. I can already picture myself sitting there, reading a great book and relaxing. I added a big pattern rug, which would go under the brown couch on the second picture and a nice vintage mirror. The pillow is just something I like and would think about adding in the living room, maybe on the couch .
This cute modern sofa is my favorite one from the entire selection of Modani’s modern sofas.They also have this cute pillow I added to my selection, which goes perfectly with my dream living room design. I found a great cottage stripe ottoman from Harvetys, which I LOVE! I can see me resting my feet on in and also store a few items there, so that I can avoid the mess my family would make. Fine, I am a bit messy to, so I have to avoid clutter.
I am all about DIY projects and I seriously tend to make a bunch of accessories myself. This is an absolute must for me, because when I have a vision in my mind, no one else can make it look exactly like it, only me. This is normal, though. No one can read my mind (I HOPE, or else it would be awkward for me, because sometimes I think about random dumb stuff)! I LOVE this DIY lamp from Ashley Ann and the rope for hanging curtains idea. I would choose different curtain - or maybe not, that I would have to see in person. Coastal Cottage Woven Suitcase nicely rounds up the country/vintage/modern living room which I have in mind. 

 A few other accesories I would want:
I would make a few changes in the process, if something wouldn´t feel right, but I love all of those pieces. I hope you can find some inspiration for your own dream living room from my selection!

Have a great day!

With love,



  1. Gorgeous inspiration!
    I'm also a DIY Junkie, I love the mason jar flowers in all the different colours xx

  2. Thank you very much :)
    I reallly love mason jars - there is so much pretty DIY projects you can do with them!