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Natural Cosmetics Herbio

Today I am publishing my post bilingually – because I have never done that before and I am writing about products from Slovenian company Herbio.

I have always liked the idea of healthy living, but I enjoyed eating desserts, ice cream, pizzas and other unhealthy food too much to be a 100% in it. But there is this whole other side of me, where I love running, working out, eating fruit and veggies, fish and healthy versions of ice cream, pizzas and other fast food. I have learnt trough the years on how to make my favourite foods in a healthy way and I love that way more. But I also realises it is not about being 100%, it is about having a balance between healthy choices and occasional less healthy choices that you want so bad. Sacrificing everything that you love cannot be healthy in any way, am I right? So here I am, making choices one day at a time and loving it.

At about 22 years old I started worrying about the health and beauty of my skin. I have never had problems with my skin before, so I never give much attention to which products I am using and what would benefit my skin. Then one day my skin just started to get irritated over night and I started to get pimples on my forehead. I was confused and started to research different skin types and products. I figured out I have dry skin and the best products for me are all natural cosmetics. A lot of other products have been giving me skin irritation and I felt awful. Well since then I have tried number of different products and I have found a few that work wonders form my skin. Taking good care of your skin will prevent premature ageing, which is awesome. Who would want wrinkles before 30 or 35? I mean, I am all for ageing gracefully, but why not help your skin to look great and young, if you can. Also, I am in first trimester of my pregnancy (feeling blessed and so happy it is ridiculous) and I am even more concerned about what kind of products I am using. I really don´t want to use products with ingredients I cannot even pronounce. The newest edition of my natural cosmetics are Herbio products

The first product my eyes were drawn to was Herbio invigorating facial mask. In my teen years I was obsessed with facial masks, always making different ones at home (with avocado, eggs, honey, yogurt – you name it). All the mess I made was always worth that 10 minutes of bliss when I had my facial mask on. Anyway, now i prefer not making messes at home and just buying great natural herbal facial masks.
Herbio invigorating facial mask is great for my dry skin, because of its moisturising effect. It is suitable for all skin types otherwise. Apply on clean face and leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse it off with water.  My skin looks so fresh and toned after this facial mask. I love it! The mask contains extract of ivy, menthol, bio hyaluronic acid and panthenol. So if you hate the smell of menthol, you will not be the biggest fan of this facial mask – but it is really not strong, i swear. I am not a fan and I do not hate the smell, it gives me a sense of freshness.

Positive properties of ivy
Ivy is an otherwise poisonous plant, but has been used for healing purposes since antiquity. In Greek and Roman mythology they drew it above the door of a pub, which meant that they are serving good wine. Interesting, is not it? In today's time it is used for treatment of skin diseases and it is an important ingredient of the majority of anti-cellulite creams. 

Positive properties of menthol
Menthol is used in cosmetics mainly because of its cooling effect and a painkiller effect. Excellent to relieve skin irritation and problems with skin burns. It also accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues.

Positive properties of bio hyaluronic acid
For its exceptional moisturising power it is known as "natural sponge" or "moisture magnet". It instantly softens the skin, it moisturises, tightens, nourishes and smooths wrinkles. Above all, it also has anti-inflammatory effect.

Positive properties of panthenol
It moisturises the skin, stimulates cell division and anti-inflammatory. The skin forms a coenzyme A, which is an irreplaceable and essential to the operation, development and renewal of skin cells.

All together, great ingredients. I give Herbio invigorating mask all points (with a small minus, because I love fruit and not herbal scents - but you cannot expect excellent effects of herbs from a fruit mask). Its attractive packaging is sufficiently large (50ml) so it lasts for a longer period of time, which is another big plus from me, because I am not a fan of shopping for cosmetics. I am just not that kind of girl.

Herbio pays 1 Euro from each sold Herbio herbal hand cream for work centre Muta - perhaps because I am more sensitive because of my pregnancy, every charity seems really nice to me. Less selfishness and more happiness for this world. The products do not contain parabens and are not tested on animals!

Take a look of Herbio website and have a nice day!

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